Travel By Design Magazine - Winter 2013/14 - page 21

filled with the largest colony of Red-footed boobies
in the Western Hemisphere.
Even here, one of the least-developed islands in the
world, your choice of accommodation is charmingly
eclectic. Dine-around island-style is by bike, unless
you opt for a gourmet picnic at Point of Sand – and
you won’t have to share the beach with another soul.
If a scattering of bungalows on a beach seems too
crowded look no further than century old Blossom
Village Cottage, with its white picket fence and sand
garden. For more up-to-the-moment living, choose
a sumptuous beach front villa with open air Jacuzzi.
Whichever you pick, you can be sure that your holiday
in the Cayman Islands will be perfectly all-exclusive.
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